About Us

What is Renndvous?

(Renn-de-vu) Renndvous is the ultimate all-in-one platform for automotive enthusiasts, allowing community members to show what makes their vehicle unique! We offer a variety of functions, the primary being The Gallery where any user can search, browse, and connect with owners of unique vehicles. We also created RENNtap and RENNspec to take this function further, allowing both an NFC and QR solution to learn about any build, even when the owner is not present. Gone are the days of being stumped on what makes a build unique, Renndvous has the answers!!

History of Renndvous

We crafted the idea for Renndvous years ago at our local Cars & Coffee. Every weekend, the parking lot was filled with hundreds of unique vehicles, most of which sparked our curiosity. An issue we quickly noticed is that if the vehicle owner is not hovering near their car, it’s nearly impossible to learn about the vehicle.

We figured out the solution is a “spec sheet”, so we adapted this idea for the 21st century, offering a digital build-sheet that can be easily edited, modified, and revised, much like the vehicles they’re representing.

What does Renndvous mean?

Rendezvous, derived from French, translates to “a meeting, typically between two people”. The prefix “Renn” loosely translates from German to “racing.” We are a meeting place for people that enjoy racing, or anything automotive!

What is the RENNtap?

If you spot a vehicle at your local car meet and wanted to learn more but cannot find the owner, RENNtap to the rescue! We’ve made learning much easier, only requiring a smartphone to gather all of the vehicle’s unique information.

The RENNtap itself is a 35mm circular decal that can be applied to almost any surface, although recommended not on paint. Tapping this decal allows anyone with a smartphone to learn the story behind a build, the modifications added, and the social media handles of the owner.

We designed the RENNtap not only to be aesthetically pleasing but to be simple. No app is required. No power source is required. Learning everything about a vehicle and the owner behind it is simply a tap away.

Learn more about RENNtap here: https://www.renndvous.com/about-renntap/

What is the RENNspec?

RENNspec is a solution for those that prefer a “stickerless solution” for showcasing their build. Simply print RENNspec and place on your dash to show basic information about the car, as well as a QR code that anyone can scan to learn everything about the build!

Learn more about RENNspec here: https://www.renndvous.com/about-rennspec/

It’s Free?

Yes! FREE to upload your vehicle, FREE to post images, FREE to tell your story, and FREE to add your social media handles.

Where are we located?

We are located in Baltimore, Maryland, and have users across the United States, Canada, and Mexico, and rapidly gaining traction in Europe!