About Renndvous

About Renndvous

What Is Renndvous?

Renndvous, pronounced as “Renn-de-vu,” is the ultimate all-in-one platform catering to automotive enthusiasts. Our mission is to provide a space where community members can proudly showcase the unique aspects of their vehicles. With a range of exciting features, Renndvous offers an unparalleled experience.

At the heart of Renndvous is The Gallery, a vibrant hub where users can effortlessly explore, connect, and be inspired by a diverse array of exceptional vehicles. Whether you’re searching for specific makes, models, or modifications, our platform ensures that every automotive enthusiast finds their perfect match.

To further enrich the user experience, we have developed RENNtap, RENNscan, and RENNspec. These innovative tools utilize NFC and QR technology, allowing users to delve deeper into the details of any build, even in the absence of the owner. No longer will you be left wondering about the unique elements that make a particular build stand out. Renndvous empowers you with all the answers you seek.

With Renndvous, the automotive community has a united platform that celebrates individuality, creativity, and passion. It’s a place where like-minded enthusiasts can come together to appreciate and share in the excitement of automotive excellence. Join us today and discover a world where automotive dreams come alive.

About Renndvous

Why We Created It

The idea for Renndvous came to us years ago while attending our local Cars & Coffee gathering. Every weekend, the parking lot brimmed with hundreds of unique vehicles that sparked our curiosity. However, we soon noticed a problem: if the car owner wasn’t nearby, it was almost impossible to learn about their vehicle.

We realized that a “spec sheet” could be the solution. So, we adapted this concept for the modern age, creating a digital build-sheet that could be easily edited and updated, just like the vehicles themselves. This way, enthusiasts could easily showcase and share information about their cars.

Renndvous was born from this idea. We designed a user-friendly platform where enthusiasts could create and modify their digital build sheets. It allowed them to document their vehicle’s specifications, modifications, and unique features in a dynamic and accessible way.

With Renndvous, we aimed to connect automotive enthusiasts and provide a space for them to share their passion. Our platform celebrates the creativity and dedication that people put into their vehicles. It’s a place where you can explore, learn, and connect with like-minded individuals who share your love for extraordinary cars.

From our humble beginnings at Cars & Coffee, Renndvous has grown into a thriving community, uniting enthusiasts from all around the world. Join us on this exciting journey as we continue to evolve and inspire the automotive community.

What Does Renndvous Mean?

Rendezvous, a word derived from French, carries the meaning of “a meeting between two individuals.” With the prefix “Renn,” which loosely translates from German as “racing,” we have created a gathering spot for individuals who share a passion for racing and all things automotive.

What Is RENNscan?

If you spot a vehicle at your local car meet and wanted to learn more but cannot find the owner, RENNscan to the rescue! We’ve made learning much easier, only requiring a smartphone to gather all of the vehicle’s unique information.

RENNscan itself is a circular decal that can be applied to almost any surface. Scanning this decal allows anyone with a smartphone to learn the story behind a build, the modifications added, and the social media handles of the owner. RENNscan also acts as a “fastpass” for events, allowing event hosts to simply scan RENNscan as a ticket for entry.

We designed the RENNscan not only to be aesthetically pleasing but to be simple. No app is required. Learning everything about a vehicle and the owner behind it is simply a tap away.

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About Renndvous

What Is RENNspec?

RENNspec is a solution for those that prefer a “stickerless solution” for showcasing their build. Simply print RENNspec and place on your dash to show basic information about the car, as well as a QR code that anyone can scan to learn everything about the build!

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Is Renndvous Free?

Absolutely! At Renndvous, we believe in providing a platform that is completely free for enthusiasts to showcase their vehicles. You can easily upload your vehicle, share captivating images, and tell your unique story, all at no cost. We also encourage you to add your social media handles, allowing you to connect with a wider audience and expand your automotive community, all without any fees or charges. Renndvous is committed to empowering enthusiasts to freely express their automotive passion without any financial barriers.

Where Are We Located?

Based in Baltimore, Maryland, Renndvous is proud to have a growing user base that extends across the United States, Canada, Mexico, and more!